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Early Childhood

We ignite young children’s love for school and for learning.
Our program’s excellence is built on relationships with families and children, a rich and engaging curriculum, and commitment to all planes that prepare a young child to thrive: emotional, intellectual, physical, and ethical.

A little school within a big school

Our littlest students live in a corner of campus designed just for them, allowing for the intimacy and security of spaces that feel “just right”. They also enjoy countless advantages of being connected to a larger school community with extensive resources. Regular activities paired with older “buddies” develop important  relationships and offer role models. Teachers create “field trips” to the big kids’ play and concert rehearsals, and older grades in turn cheer on Nursery's Turkey Trot and support Pre-K’s lemonade stand. Green Vale preschool also benefits from facilities including three gymnasiums, a theater, dance studio, library, labs, orchard, vegetable garden, science pond, and more.

a student in our early childhood classroom exploring a book on the colorful carpet

Schwerin Early Childhood Center

Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten at Green Vale occupy a world apart from the older grades: the Schwerin Early Childhood Center.


Our facility is a pride-point at Green Vale, with a design oriented to serve our youngest and smallest. Each grade enjoys its own wing emanating from a bright central lobby, the true hub of Early Childhood. A common space also allows for social interactions among parents at morning drop-off, a less rigid routine than at other schools. 

Play on the floor—it’s heated.

See what’s happening outside—the windows are low to the ground.

Find the bathroom with ease—it’s connected to the classroom.




Early Childhood


Early Childhood Curriculum

Browse Green Vale's curriculum in detail for Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten.